How to become a police officer?

Becoming a police officer means passing a peacekeeping test. Under certain conditions, the internal selection procedure is also open to deputy police officers or cadets of the Republic. What are the conditions for joining the state police? What are competitive tests? What training do you need to complete to become a police officer?

How to join the National Police?

External competition

Access to the position of police officer, also called peacekeeper, is achieved through an external peacekeeping competition or an internal competition.

Anyone over the age of 17 with a high school diploma can participate in the external competition.

Internal competition

The internal competition is open:

  • Assistant constables who have been active for more than a year and will turn 37 on January 1 of the competition year.
  • To candidates from the “Cadets de la République” course with one year of experience.
  • GAV APJA (Judicial Police Deputy) or Army Volunteers serving in the National Gendarmerie, active, Deputy Gendarmerie Diploma holders and with more than one year of effective service as of the date of the 1st written examination.

What high school diploma do you need to work as a police officer in France?

The profession of a police officer is available with a high school diploma, regardless of field (general or technological) or specificity (literature, natural sciences, humanities, digital and computer sciences, etc.).

Note that people who do not have a high school diploma can become deputy police officers or cadets of the Republic.

On the contrary, there are law exams in competitions for police officers or police commissioners. It is therefore important to complete an educational journey that includes legal courses.

In order to join the science police, you will need to focus on studying biology, chemistry or mathematics.

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What are the conditions for passing the peacekeeping test?

In addition to obtaining a high school diploma or an equivalent diploma, an applicant for the peacekeeping competition must meet the following conditions:

  • Be between the ages of 17 and 45 on January 1 of the competition year.
  • Be of French nationality.
  • Have a criminal record number 2, which does not contain any records incompatible with the performance of police functions.
  • Familiarize yourself with the physical skills required for a medical exam.
  • Be in good standing on National Service, Defense and Citizenship Day.

When is the next peacekeeping competition?

Exam date 2024

The next peacekeeping competition is scheduled for the beginning of the school year in September 2024. Aptitude tests are scheduled for September 24, 2024, sports tests and oral exams between October 14, 2024 and January 10, 2025.

Registration dates

Registration takes place from May 21 to July 22, 2024. The registration file can be downloaded online from the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

After completing it and submitting the required documents, you must return it by post before the deadline.

What are the National Police Competitive Tests?

New conditions of the peacekeeping competition 2024

Since the regulation of 18 March 2024 laid down the rules for the general organization and the nature of the tests for the national peacekeeping police competitions, the competition now has only one admission phase.

It used to have two sessions, eligibility and acceptance.

Written tests

Aptitude tests are divided into four tests:

  • Solving one or more practical cases to assess writing skills, understanding of the professional situation, analysis and synthesis.
  • Multiple choice general knowledge quiz.
  • Multiple choice foreign language questionnaire.

Psychotechnical tests

Psychotechnical tests are mandatory and not evaluated. They enable the applicant’s intellectual abilities and psychological profile to be measured. They tell the members of the interview panel about his emotional stability and his relationship with authority.

Sports events

The applicant must complete a Motor Skills Course (PHM) and a Cardiorespiratory Endurance Test (TECR). If he fails the sports tests, he will not be called to the oral test.

Oral proceedings with the jury

The admission interview with the jury takes place on the basis of a file for the recognition of acquired professional experience. It was submitted by the applicant when registering for the peacekeeping competition. The file highlights the journey of a future police officer and his motivation.

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Do you have to pass a medical to become a police officer?

After passing these tests, the applicant must pass a mandatory medical fitness test. It is performed by a statutory doctor from the National Police. At the end, the candidate is assigned to his unit and can begin training at the police academy.

What kind of training does a police officer receive at the police academy?

After being accepted into the competition, the future police officer must obtain final approval and a certificate of medical fitness in order to undergo training at the police academy.

This work-study training aims to master the basics of the police profession. Paid, alternating training facility (12 months) and application internship (12 months).

During the training, future police officers are evaluated in terms of behavior and involvement in learning the profession.

How is the recruitment of peacekeepers?

At the end of the training, the panel will decide whether the candidate is suitable or unsuitable to become a trainee in the peacekeeping force. If he is declared suitable, he is classified according to the classification level at the end of the training.

It is the first in line to decide their place and task post first from the list suggested to them. This 12-month assignment ends with the retention or non-tenure of the intern remaining in the same assignment.

What is the salary of a police officer?

As of January 1, 2024, the salary of a police officer in Île-de-France is:

  • 1,617 euros net per month upon entering the school (accommodation free of charge)
  • 2,335 euros net per month at the beginning of the career (level 1)
  • 3,916 euros at the end of the career (level 4)

The police officer also receives a 3% subsistence allowance.

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