How to become an effective leader? Discover the key skills to achieve this

Effective leadership is the driving force behind any HR director. An HR leader needs to have a package of skills to do his job as if it were a set of engine parts. An engine works when all its parts work in tandem, that’s why To be an effective leader, you must have a balance of all the necessary skills. In addition to many other skills, you need to be able to resolve conflicts, develop the skills of your team, know them in depth, be able to motivate the team and make decisions.

In this article, we want to introduce you to the main skills that HR leaders must have in order to use effective leadership techniques in organizations. Gain the skills needed to become not only a good leader, but also a truly effective one. Forward!

What is an effective leader?

So let’s start by knowing what a leader is and what is the difference between a leader and an effective leader in the workplace.

A leader is a person who directs, organizes and delegates the tasks of the team in charge. In short, it is a person who stands at the head of a movement, group or institution. It is one that can affect the work of a group of people or an organization. He is able to influence, motivate and make all team members work as a team to achieve achievements, goals and objectives.

But… what is an effective leader? By this term we refer to a leader who considers the company’s growth much more than his own. To achieve this, he forces other people to step in and do their part because it is for the good of society.

In short, a leader is the one who contributes the most to the organization and to their team. He is the one who lives for the company and his team. The one who He goes out of his way to see his team and his projects as a whole shine., without leaving out any member. The one who really knows how to implement talent management in his organization.

Now that we know what effective leadership is all about, let’s talk about the leadership skills necessary to be a part of this important position in organizations.

Characteristics of effective leadership

What makes an effective leader? you may ask yourself. The tasks of an effective leader are all those that the leader already performs but uses the following skills.

  1. Effective communication

Understand this skill as the process of sharing ideas, thoughts, knowledge and information in the most understandable way for the recipient of the message. Effective communication is an essential skill for an HR manager. He needs to assume the role of a leader communicate in the most effective way the mission you want to fulfill. Otherwise, the receiver could misinterpret the message and therefore not achieve the goal that the leader has set. This is why strict messaging is an essential skill of an effective leader. Some of his Properties they are clarity, empathy and active listening.

Key factors for good talent management.

  1. The real decision-making of an effective leader

Decision making is the ability to choose the most useful option from the ideas that have been generated to implement a project, solution or any task that needs to be done. It’s an ability find and choose the best solution for every space, time, place and task. This attribute gives rise to many potential projects. The leader is the one who makes decisions and projects are implemented based on them. Therefore, this skill must be very well developed.

  1. Motivation and teamwork

What is an effective leader if he does not have the ability to motivate his team? We’re telling you: he’s simply a leader. An effective leader is one who is able to motivate his team and use their potential to achieve set goals. Motivation is a fundamental factor of human resources. People run on motivation, just like a car runs on gas.

Teamwork is another quality that a good and effective leader must have at work. An effective leader must make his employees feel that he is working with them., not that they work for him. This is what separates a leader from an effective leader.

  1. Flexibility and adaptability

Today, work models have evolved and the importance of work flexibility is essential to attract Talent and good work performance. We realized this late, but we provide flexibility and adaptability employees need. It is believed that with these factors Productivity grows almost exponentially.

But watch out! This does not mean that it should not be required in terms of professionalization. An effective leader must be as demanding as any leader so that tasks and goals are met based on expected expectations.

  1. Conflict solving

Unfortunately for everyone, conflicts are a part of our lives. And to a greater or lesser extent, they are hard to avoid. Therefore, we believe that a good effective leader must have a plan for conflict prevention, detection, mediation and resolution. That way, if you have a guide to follow, you’ll always know what to do. In addition, this planning is another way to apply talent management.

How to develop leadership skills to be an effective leader?

To develop the best qualities of an effective leader, we need to consider a number of factors that will help you complete the competencies of an effective leader:

  • Attend management courses or seminars: Training is one of the main tools of learning and any learning should be welcomed.
  • Find mentors or coaches: What’s better than learning from profiles who already have an established knowledge base?
  • Practice and continuous feedback: Practice makes perfect, this is no different. Try leadership techniques on your team and ask them for feedback to see how they are working. Effective leadership is not something you learn overnight, but must be learned over time.
  • Foster a learning environment in society: Having employees learn from you and you from them is the best way to foster a learning climate.

These are tips to help you become the effective leader you want to be!

Being a good leader is good, but being an effective leader is even better.

Put the leadership skills and advice discussed above into practice to become an effective HR leader.

The development of skills in the current context of change and digital transformation is also key. You need to be as current as possible.

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